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For Doctors

No, each doctor put their timing accordingly to their availability but they have to be free to take calls in case of an appointment.

No, can be separate hours through out the day and can be for few hours, as long as the time set is a time that you will be able to take consultations.

Shouldn’t be too high for an online consultation, please bare in mind that if the patient chose more than 15 minutes consultation the rate doubles according to the time

Patients choose specialty >> choose the doctor who is available or want to consult >> book an appointment (it can be booked in a short notice of 15 minutes before the appointment itself) >> Call the doctor through the app

20% (try not to lower it more that 18%)

You can simply set your weekly schedule through logging in to the doctors profile and either setting yourself as available all day (24hr) or choosing multiple timings throughout the day. For further details please refer to the app manual.

Yes, you have to make sure that you are available during your set timings because a patient might call at any time. Make sure that your schedules are set carefully and updated constantly.

This consultation report can be viewed by the doctors in their consultation history and the patient. However, it cannot be accessed by us as a management.

We currently do not have this feature in the application. Therefore, any notes that the patients should not see should be taken separately and not included in the consultation report.

We advise our doctors on doctori to inform patients on the limitations of telehealth. We also inform our patients that our service must not be used for urgent cases. Therefore, we advise our doctors in case the diagnosis needs further investigations to inform the patients to physically visit them.

Doctori currently does not have an e-prescription feature. Hence, Medications whether prescribed or off counter are to be given to the patient at the healthcare professional’s own risk. Therefore, kindly make sure that the patient requires this medication, If not please advise the patient for a physical visit.

If audio is only heard in the call, please make sure that your phone and the patient’s phone is unlocked. Also, sometimes this is the case when either party have a drop in connection. However, if the case is that you cannot hear or see the patient, this has to be reported to the doctori team for a technical investigation.

Please contact us at +973 33402225 and we will walk you through all the necessary steps and answer all your questions.

For Patients

How does this work? This is an online consultation; you will be calling the doctor by the “Call Doctor Now” button that appears on your main screen. Click on it and it should connect you to your doctor.

No, you have the option to switch off your camera’s if you are not comfortable.

Yes, as long as it is not a controlled medicine.

You can send them to us on 33402225 or here and we will forward them to the doctor to view them before the appointment.

Please let us know the time you prefer and we will contact the doctor and see their availability.

Please let us know the reason of cancelation, and if there is anything we can do to help, however the credits will stay in your account for future consultations, according to our Refund policy, any cancelation that is less than 24 hours can’t be refunded.

A) Please make sure you allowed Camera and mic

B) Please make sure your connection is good (If you are using WIFI please switch to Data).

No, the payments are only through Benefit or CrediMax.

No, It is a video call consultation, you get to call the doctor from where you are through the app itself.