Bahrain’s first telemedicine licensed company.

Started in 2018, Doctori is a Bahraini Based company with a mission of utilising cutting edge technologies to re-engineer conventional healthcare. It was founded by two passionate Bahraini Entrepreneurs that come from medical oriented families.
Doctori strives to provide a convenient, affordable, and effective service within the reach of anyone. This is through easing accessibility of healthcare providers through our technologies and giving them reach to provide their services wherever and whenever. We have thoroughly worked with large hospitals, clinics, and individual doctors to understand their requirements and utilize our technical expertise in streamlining and digitizing their processes. We are therefore proud to have our service smoothly integrated within numerous healthcare facilities and providers.

Our Technology

Doctori is designed to be accessible to hundreds of thousands of patients from all around the world, to have healthcare available in only a click away.

Our Partners

We work with a wide range of doctors from different specialties and backgrounds to deliver the best healthcare services to our patients.

Our Treatment

If you don’t know your symptoms or who to consult, and this can be dealt with via video call! Our doctors will provide a full report that you view through the app. And access anytime. Anywhere.

Instant Consultations

Doctori is working hand in hand with general practitioners to provide an instant healthcare service, so you can reach your practitioner in only one click.

Medical Report

All patients can view their reports, get which blood tests they need and know more about their symptoms and treatment. A full consultation report will be done by the doctor and can be viewed anytime